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Synonyms for deceitfulness

the act or practice of deceiving

Synonyms for deceitfulness

the quality of being crafty

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It was the most racist talk you ever heard, but the result was he got the white nurses out and the colored nurses in, and they've had the jobs ever since." This beautifully told story was no doubt "helped along" by Liebling, who was thus conning readers for the good purpose of instilling in them the spirit of this anecdote about Long's deceitfulness in the service of good purposes.
Paul Ekman, a retired psychologist from the University of California, San Francisco, terms these split-second phenomena "microexpressions." He says these emotional clues are as important as gestures, voice, and speech patterns in uncovering deceitfulness.
Due to the deceitfulness of the author, who decided to change his course midstream, a grave injustice was done to the inmates who shared their stories, the staff who provided their time and knowledge to the author, and most of all, readers of the book, who are misled to believe that this work is based on facts.
Pedro's investigations bring him face to face with his father's world, a world of brutality and deceitfulness in which self-interest is as much a motivating force as political idealism.
Antisocial behaviors (e.g., aggression toward people and animals, destruction of property, deceitfulness, theft, and serious rule violations) and related mental disorders (i.e., conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder) during childhood predict alcohol use disorders (AUDs) during adolescence.
We can only assume that they did love one another and that Lydia's disillusionment with Arthur grew from his deceitfulness until it killed all affection she felt for him.
Although some Islamic theorists sought to defend the sincerity and truthfulness of poetry, most accepted the basic tenet that poetry was inherently deceitful, though for these thinkers deceitfulness became dissociated from the question of morality.
His deceitfulness and betrayals are so blatant it's comic to behold except that while everyone's laughing at Ubu's antics, a landscape has been leveled.
The public doesn't believe that candidates are nothing but a composition of clever manipulation and shifty-eyed deceitfulness, and it dislikes us for making it seem that way.
Throughout history, we have used animals to symbolize the lust, danger and deceitfulness we see in ourselves, and tend to project upon women, Jews, Africans, and various "others." Beryl Rowland's Animals With Human Faces catalogues the animals of the medieval bestiaries and what they symbolized.
"Even then, it is difficult to imagine how the court could assess Lane's deceitfulness, veracity, etc., without examining the assassination itself.
Cognizant of the appeal that "white slaves!" elicited on a white abolitionist audience and concerned with his heroines' gentility and higher moral standards, Brown casts their story in the sentimental patterns of female virtue, distress, death, and/or marriage.(8) In connection with the passers, trickery as a form of resistance is disciplined and never glorified for its own sake, even when the author makes clear that deceitfulness would be justified by the structural immorality of slavery.
It is a portrait of a temperamental neurotic, an insecure but stunningly brilliant man whose paranoia, petty rages, and deceitfulness in the service of his ambitions make the reader cringe at the thought that such ugly characteristics could have been rewarded with such high station and so much honor.
Another reason I chose this context is that news of another's deceitfulness typically evokes emotional reactions.
"The truth probably lies midway between the two sides' claims and the exodus was the result of both Jewish militancy and Arab deceitfulness." (p.