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in a corrupt and deceitful manner

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Exploiting her ignorance, the dentist deceitfully persuaded the woman that the main cause of toothache boils down to inflammations in her ovaries and examined her.
But now his devastated mum says she has just discovered her former spouse John O'Brien "deceitfully" put the plot in his name when making the funeral arrangements - despite telling the funeral directors to send the bill of almost PS3000 to her.
Her daughter Victoria Bull said: "My mother was cruelly, violently and deceitfully taken from me and my family in the most unimaginable way."
Dubai: A manager has been jailed for one year for cheating a woman of Dh21,000 after deceitfully convincing her that she had won Dh200,000 cash prize from du.
But that's what manufacturers are deceitfully doing when products are reduced in size but not in price.
Their intention to allegedly alter facts 'by deceitfully and maliciously attacking my family's honor and credibility' led her to 'strengthen my resolve to use all legal means for TRUTH TO WIN.
Sources alleged that instead of giving a proper response, the CFO wrote the said letter in retaliation and deceitfully got it signed from the said signatories by only forwarding them the last of the three pages.
That he would deceitfully take money from the company he worked for is one thing, but he should be ashamed of the fact he hid his fraud by pretending to pay charities."
"The outcome of investigations revealed that Arama in collusion with officers in the Nakuru lands registry unlawfully and deceitfully caused illegal registration and issuance of a certificate of lease," he said,
The outcome of investigations by the EACC revealed that Mr Arama in collusion with officers in the Nakuru Land registry unlawfully and deceitfully caused illegal registration and issuance of certificate of lease in relation to plot number 6/95 to an alleged individual person who has disowned the purported sale agreement, read the statement from the DPP.The DPP approved charges of abuse of office, conspiracy to defraud, making a document without authority, uttering a document with intent to deceive and obtaining registration of land by false pretences.
"While hundreds of thousands of innocent people are deprived of the most basic human rights, the Zionist regime has deceitfully presented its apartheid and racist regime as a democracy and describes its religious extremism as secularism.
Thus, Armenians have left a couple of monthsbefore it becomes clear whether the population will continue to suffer fromplightor it will finally head towards the bright future that the current authorities have been deceitfully promisingthem for manyyears.
This time, an imposter deceitfully obtained and shared with ( CNN tongue-in-cheek emails that revealed that we feel Globalists present an existential threat to the agenda that got President Trump elected." Marlow told CNN Tuesday.
It uses money to win the cases deceitfully, as it did in hosting the 2022 World Cup, but it will never be able to deceive anymore after having its evil intentions exposed to the world in supporting and sponsoring terrorism," he added.
While Indian Army continues to undertake serious Cease Fire Violations along LOC and Working Boundary, Indian Navy has also deceitfully deployed its Submarines against Pakistan with ulterior motives, spokesman added.