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Synonyms for decayable

liable to decay or spoil or become putrid

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All beings--rational and irrational, animate and inanimate, decayable and immortal--"fit together to make a scheme of ordered beauty" that is attributable to none other than God.(38) James Alfred Martin describes Augustine's exclamations about the beauty of the orderly universe as "a `moment' of aesthetic judgment" that occasions a distinctive type of pleasure, a pleasure that comes from thinking deeply about the harmony of all things that make up the universe.(39)
Green manure is crop "grown for use as decayable material" that is then plowed down into the soil.
More than half of the domestic waste is of vegetable and decayable constituents (50-65 percent); paper and cardboard, and plastic constituents comprise the remaining large proportions of this waste (METAP, 1995).
You have a body, like a piece of cloth that is decayable. While you stay in it, it's hard for you to have the same abilities that spirit has without a body.