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an athletic contest consisting of ten different events

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This lifted him to a final position of eighth overall and fourth under 23 with a final score of 6667 points, making him one of Scotland's all time top 20 decathletes - a position he has earned in every age group from under 13 right up to senior.
Britain's leading decathletes this year John Lane (pb 7,922pts) and Liam Ramsey (pb 7,857pts) will also be aiming to achieve the standard.
However, it's not just the visiting multi-eventers who will be seeking World Championship qualification but Britain's leading decathletes this year, John Lane (pb 7,922pts) and Liam Ramsey (pb 7,857pts) will also be aiming to achieve the standard.
Outside of the Olympics or World Championships, this is the most significant international competition available to aspiring decathletes and heptathletes.
You have to be born a decathlete. If you are good enough then you will come out on your own, and so far we have no one here," he added.
It means Hexham will be the last opportunity for many Olympic heptathlete and decathlete hopefuls to make their national squads.
CUTLINE: Hurdles is among Jimmy Flynn's weakest events - "My form is terrible," he says - but the Shrewsbury High senior is still among the top decathletes in Central Mass.
The top decathlete had just one qualifying tournament to go to win his place in the British team.
THE close coaching relationship between Birchfield Harrier Edward Dunford and his father is in jeopardy if the new British No.1 decathlete is to be funded in his bid for an Olympics place next year.
Once the second group of decathletes completed the discus Macey had moved up to fourth place on 6,193, 192 points behind Clay in third.
One of the world's greatest decathletes, Rafer Johnson, was given the responsibility in 1984.
Young decathletes videotaped their own Public Service Announcements, wrote poems about the Earth and the braver ones climbed the "Brower Route" on a 30-foot-high climbing wall.
Thompson is regarded as one of the world's greatest decathletes for his two Olympic Gold medals
Spinach, collards, kale, dandelion greens, mustard greens, and Swiss chard are the decathletes of the vegetable kingdom.
Twenty year-old Tom recorded a personal best score to finish fourth under 23 and eighth senior against a top class field of the best decathletes from throughout the UK.