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lose a carboxyl group

remove a carboxyl group from (a chemical compound)

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Eating raw cannabis material that has not been heated to decarboxylate the acidic form of THC will produce only a minimal effect.
Indeed, since bone resorption occurs at a pH acidic enough to decarboxylate proteins, osteoclasts determine the carboxylation status and function of osteocalcin.
Ashes do not contain carbonates, which decarboxylate at temperatures <900[degrees]C.
The term NE defines a specific group of cells based on their secretory products, distinct staining characteristics, ability to uptake and decarboxylate amine precursors (6) and distinguished ultrastructurally by the presence of variable numbers of dense core neuorsecretory granules (7).
2] by Selenomonas ruminantium, for which succinate is a propionate-generating pathway intermediate, and Veillonella alcalescens and Succiniclasticum ruminis and others, which decarboxylate succinate to produce propionate (Wolin et al.
Neither the Biorat strains nor the Ratin strain was shown to decarboxylate lysine.