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In more arid locations, calcite may accumulate in these lower horizons, but almost total decarbonation occurs in upper horizons and parna soils of wetter locations.
The other is the overlapping in decarbonation process before the second dehydroxylation process has been finished.
The main part of C[O.sub.2] emissions in cement production processes originate from decarbonation of calcium and magnesium carbonates being the basic components of kiln feed.
The decrease of the crystal size can be attributed to the exothermic conditions of the decarbonation process.
formulated and optimized the chemical combustion mechanism of oil shale and its semi-coke and successfully estimated the kinetic parameters which affect drying, pyrolysis, oxidation and decarbonation reactions [6].
The assembly also can be used to control certain operations performed during transfer, such as carbonation, decarbonation and sulfur additions.
On the contrary, different REE distribution patterns in massive magnetite indicate that these ores formed by dissimilar agents and processes at different times (e.g., by metamorphic fluids derived from dehydration and decarbonation reactions during prograde metamorphism).
It is generally estimated that the production of one ton of OPC consumes approximately 2.8 tons of raw materials such as limestone and coal and that it releases about 0.7-0.95 tons of carbon dioxide (C[O.sub.2]) into the Earth's atmosphere from the decarbonation of lime in the kiln and the combustion of fuels [1, 2].
Ecology: Apparently this taxon is also an indifferent species for edaphic conditions, occurring on limestone soils, but probably linked to decarbonation, as a result of leaching.
The production of PC clinker results in significant CO2 associated with the calcination or decarbonation of limestone (CaC[O.sub.3]heatCaO+C[O.sub.2]) and the combustion of fossil fuels to achieve the clinkering temperature of 1450[degrees]C (2640[degrees]F).
Public procurement rules will encourage the purchase of green' vehicles, in the same way that fiscal policies will favour decarbonation.
As with mineral weathering, the presence of water will have a major role in processes such as dissolution, hydrolysis, carbonation and decarbonation, hydration, and redox reactions, affecting biochar weathering in soil, as well as interactions with soil biota.
Complete decarbonation and conversion to BaO were verified by x-ray powder diffraction (XRD) in a sealed x-ray mount [16].