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crustaceans characteristically having five pairs of locomotor appendages each joined to a segment of the thorax

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An updated list of decapod crustaceans on the Turkish coast with a new record of the Mediterranean shrimp, Processa acutirostris Nouvel and Holthuis 1957 (Caridea, Processidae).
Profile of embryonic ecdysteroids in the decapod crustacean, Macrobrachium rosenbergii.
Glochidial metamorphosis on crustaceans is virtually unknown, although Walker (1981) reported metamorphosis of a hyriid mussel on freshwater decapod crustaceans in Australia.
Identification of oocyte development stages by histological, histochemical and yolk accumulation patterns in decapod crustaceans has been previously used in crabs (Varadarajan & Subramoniam, 1980; Santos et al., 2009; Smija & Sudha-Devi, 2015), shrimp (Yano, 1988; Tan-Fermin & Pudadera, 1989; Kodama et al., 2009; El-Sheriff et al., 2012), and lobsters (Minagawa & Sano, 1997; Feitosa-Silva & Da Cruz-Landim, 2006).
Prior studies have identified a distinct pattern in fish and decapod crustacean abundance and richness associated with sand ridges.
The decapod crustacean genus Naushonia Kingsley, 1897, currently contains seven species of rare, burrowing shrimp-like thalassinoids (Goy and Provenzano 1979; Martin and Abele 1982; Berggren 1992; Alvarez et al.
Effects of reduced salinity on the biochemical composition (lipid, protein) of zoea I decapod crustacean larvae.
hippocampus, Mysidaceae (42.59%) and Decapod crustacean larvae (22.22%) constituted the most important food source of H.
Seasonal and spatial patterns in an epibenthic decapod crustacean assemblage in Atlantic continental shelf waters.
This phenomenon is consistent with observations in other decapod crustacean species, including the mud crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii (Costlow et al.