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Synonyms for decant


Synonyms for decant

to cause (a liquid) to flow in a steady stream

Synonyms for decant

pour out


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Hospital reconstruction is not the only scenario where planning for the decanting of patients and moving of services are necessary.
Showing people how and why a decanter works is the most fun of all, so try offering wine decanting demonstrations.
When wine is being opened on the early side, decanting is the way to go.
Another possibility (assuming the original state trust contains the absolute discretion necessary to decant under the Florida statute) would be to 1) change the place of administration from the original state to Florida, by replacing trustees with Florida trustees, moving the assets, books, and records to Florida; and 2) once the place of administration is changed to Florida, use Florida's decanting statute to transfer assets to a newly created trust containing the desired provisions.
The second meaning of decanting is when you pour an older wine carefully into another vessel for the purpose of separating the wine from the sediment that has collected in the bottle.
A police spokesman said that Civil Defence teams raided illegal LPG refilling points and nabbed five shopkeepers including Mubarak from ABC Road, Sufiyan from Bhatta Stop, Maqsood Ahmad from Shadman, Haroon from D-Type Colony Main Chowk and Inaam Ali from Chak No.214-RB red handed while decanting gas in LPG cylinders illegally.
LPG decanting from one cylinder to another using electric motors is
ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad district administration has banned decanting of LPG cylinders in the limits of the capital due to threat to public life and property in the process.
RAWALPINDI -- The illegal decanting of LPG has increased in the garrison city and cantonment following rise in its demand after natural gas shortage and low pressure.
Virginia, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Michigan, and Illinois enacted decanting statutes last year to offer enhanced flexibility for trust administration in their jurisdictions.
Trust decanting is the process of distributing a trust estate of an irrevocable trust to the trustee of a new trust.
After ignoring the problem for about six months -- initially suspecting it resulted from technician errors -- "I finally got the bright idea of decanting the [culture] medium" in which the cells grew, Weichselbaum says.
FAISALABAD -- The police have arrested 10 shopkeepers on the charges of decanting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and selling loose petrol in various parts of the city during the past 12 hours.
BAHAWALPUR -- A man was burnt in a gas cylinder blast at his decanting shop at Uch Sharif, about 70km from here, on Monday.
FAISALABAD -- Police arrested 11 shopkeepers from various parts of the city on the charge of illegal decanting, selling loose petrol and firework during the last 24 hours.