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Synonyms for decant


Synonyms for decant

to cause (a liquid) to flow in a steady stream

Synonyms for decant

pour out


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In Bathurst, Australia, a new hospital was built and services were to be decanted from the old heritage building to the new hospital, in stages.
Everyone pays rapt attention to someone having their wine decanted, silently wondering how they can have it done at their table, too.
Our community, which was decanted from just 500 yards away, is now dreading the city council's latest plans for us.
When delivered to the end users, the pack does not need to be decanted on to internal use pallets as the Stax pallet is suitable for use in all areas.
Dear Editor, - Years ago wine was cloudy and had to be decanted, and with a lot of small breweries about the beer was also cloudy - at the same time gout was common (spirit drinkers did not get gout).
So, strictly speaking, the only wines that need to be decanted are those with some sediment--older reds that were deeply colored when they were young: Cabernets and Merlots, for example, or vintage Ports.
All red wines, whether brought or bought, are decanted here.
The decanted liquid was then used for the kinetic work.
As each section reaches the completion of its 21-day anode cycle, the electrolyte, containing around 300 ppm of anode slimes, is progressively decanted from the cells to separate decant boxes in each circuit via discharge outlets set 200 mm from the floor of the cells.
Careful decanting over a candle flame is also the easiest way of ensuring any sediment that can occur with red wine is left behind in the bottle leaving the decanted wine perfectly clear.
Decanted has announced the launch of a sweepstakes that will award one couple with a trip to Napa Valley including round trip coach airfare, accommodations for four days/three nights, and visits to twelve different wineries throughout their trip including Martinelli Vineyards, ZD Wines, and Gargiulo Vineyards.
the new settler must allow direct passage to the pre-filters 200 000 m3 / d of water decanted whatever the quality of the Marne.
One issue that arises when trusts are decanted to new trusts is how to characterize the transfer of trust assets.