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Synonyms for decant


Synonyms for decant

to cause (a liquid) to flow in a steady stream

Synonyms for decant

pour out


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Adhere to the procedure outlined in the statute, and trustees can generally be assured that their efforts to decant will withstand a later challenge.
Some states require that the trustee have absolute power to invade trust principal in order to decant, while other states require only limited authority.
I've successfully decanted my creams, lotions and other liquids in these cute clear bottles that fit snugly in a clear plastic pouch.
(59) South Dakota law also limits the power to decant unless held to an ascertainable standard if the trustee is also a beneficiary or if any beneficiary of the first trust has the right to change the trustees of the first trust.
4 Mix the two liquids together and decant into a litre bottle.
(23) These statutes vary in the degree of discretion they grant to trustees to decant various types of trusts.
Some states, such as Florida and Indiana, require that the trustee have full discretion in order to decant. Other states, such as South Dakota, Nevada, and Delaware, allow decanting where the trustee has the discretion to make distributions based on a reasonably definitive standard.
They differ from one another in terms of what powers the trustee must have in order to decant the trust assets.
I could have avoided this if I had decanted the wine 45 minutes before my friend arrived.
"Our intention is to share the decant plans with Victoria residents so they understand the likely time period that households will move.
The team developed a plan whereby lower-acuity patients were decanted to clinics rather than admitted to the emergency department.
I mean, why buy something in a perfectly good packet and then decant it into something else?
Explain that there are basically two reasons to decant red wine -- to aerate the wine in order for it to "open up" (aerated wine sensitizes our olfactory system to subtle aromas and tannins), or to remove the wine from the sediment that has gathered in the bottle over years of aging.
The second reason to decant is the removal of sediment from an older wine.
Another possibility (assuming the original state trust contains the absolute discretion necessary to decant under the Florida statute) would be to 1) change the place of administration from the original state to Florida, by replacing trustees with Florida trustees, moving the assets, books, and records to Florida; and 2) once the place of administration is changed to Florida, use Florida's decanting statute to transfer assets to a newly created trust containing the desired provisions.