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Synonyms for decalcomania

either a design that is fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design which is to be transferred to the surface

the art of transfering designs from specially prepared paper to a wood or glass or metal surface

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Tras la critica de arte, el surrealismo mas visionario y exigente: En D'une decalcomanie sans objet precongu, Breton explica la citada tecnica "Para abrir a su voluntad la ventana a los mas bellos paisajes del mundo y mas alla" (83) y, de la mano de Peret, se presentan decalcomanias de los miembros del grupo.
El padre de la decalcomania fue, en opinion de Perez Minik (1995: 159), "nuestro mejor amigo en Paris", una afirmacion que con la perspectiva de los anos ha ido adquiriendo caracter de verdad incuestionable.
A symbolic representation of these weaves and decorations, borrowed from the process of decalcomania is like a journey across the world.
Some of the decals that Wan Li Ya uses for his ornate tiles are still produced on decalcomania paper but, for the most part, clear plastic has become the vehicle for Jingdezhen decals.
Ernst's technical inventions in the 175 works on view include the "overpainting" of the Dada pictures that are commonly called collages, as well as the semiautomatist frottage, grattage, decalcomania, and "oscillation" processes of his Surrealist works.
As we all know this is where they are formulating the concept of rhizome, and as they proceed to the "principle 5 and 6," they introduce an opposition between cartography and decalcomania, out of which they reach the following conclusion:
Finally it was documented that Boris had exhibited his decalcomania paintings as early as 1934--five years before Max.
Despues del chino, el ingles es el idioma mas monosilabico, y si una palabra pasa de tres silabas, a menudo se reduce a dos: decalcomania ya es decal y el compact disc es un cidi a secas.
The Green Child, an illustration to a Herbert Read story also featured in one of Maddox's works, seems to look forward to 60s psychedelia and avant-garde animation; the 1949 drawing Decalcomania, in the Arts Council collection, is also impressive.
Thanks to decalcomania, the everyday coffee and tea cup has become a popular art form of its own, and a device that often carries advertising or propaganda messages.
Accurate or not--you guess the implications--the story is a tribute to a towering figure whose path through Dada and Surrealism abounds with technical innovation, from collage and frottage to grattage and decalcomania.