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Synonyms for decalcomania

either a design that is fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design which is to be transferred to the surface

the art of transfering designs from specially prepared paper to a wood or glass or metal surface

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Fifth and sixth, the principles of cartography and decalcomania, that the rhizome articulates a map--not a tracing--open to experimentation in contact with the real; it is not a model to be duplicated, but an immanent process, connecting with potential that is already there.
Tanto Borges quanto sua irma, a artista plastica Norah Borges, elaboraram, em 1928, o ano de Rua de mao unica, uma mesa de operacoes imaginarias onde tambem se sobrepunham objetos disparatados que se integravam na esfera do Heimlich: uma cuia para chimarrao, de prata, com um passarinho de arremate, mangedouras de gesso policromado, titeres vestidos de tarlatana, quadros de Picasso, fotografias antigas, de 1880, ou albuns de moda de 1860, gravuras de cores vivas, em decalcomania, no melhor estilo Paulo e Virginia, estampas de mocas jovens, ornadas com chapeus de palha da Italia, como no filme de Renoir, e muitas guirlandas de flores, tal como numa paisagem das Antilhas.
I also often use a "decalcomania" technique of stamping the painting's surface with various materials to create random detail and texture.
A symbolic representation of these weaves and decorations, borrowed from the process of decalcomania is like a journey across the world.
Some of the decals that Wan Li Ya uses for his ornate tiles are still produced on decalcomania paper but, for the most part, clear plastic has become the vehicle for Jingdezhen decals.
What if these two terms, 'decalcomania' and 'mapping' are already in resonance before a decision separates them as such?
He created strange landscapes with twisted organic images and a spongy texture using a process called decalcomania. These spontaneous images were the result of coating a flat surface with paint, pressing a blank paper or canvas into the paint and then peeling it off- before the paint was dry.
The Green Child, an illustration to a Herbert Read story also featured in one of Maddox's works, seems to look forward to 60s psychedelia and avant-garde animation; the 1949 drawing Decalcomania, in the Arts Council collection, is also impressive.
The art of 'decalcomania,' in which transfers are printed and then applied to the surface of glazed cups, was first introduced in Great Britain in the 1850s and has since been perfected for mass production.