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Antonyms for decalcify

lose calcium or calcium compounds

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remove calcium or lime from

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Using the combination of both strains to decalcify and deproteinize shrimp shells, purified chitin with high quality could be obtained.
Schurgers believes that a 150-microgram dose of MK-7 is the minimum amount needed to build bone and decalcify arteries.
Dezcal Activated Descaler--Designed to breakdown and remove the mineral build-up that can impact the performance of your coffeemaker, Dezcal is a citric acid based, non-toxic, biodegradable descaler solution used to decalcify brewers, espresso machines, pod and capsule machines.
Phosphate-free Lil' Bowl Blue contains lactic acid to deep dean, deodorize and decalcify porcelain, while Le Scrub contains finely-milled marble that removes scum, grime and hard water stains from bathroom surfaces.
The new tanks will be used in a new process to decalcify raw sugar syrup.
Unlike McKenna et al, who used embedded material, [30] we did not fixate and decalcify the bone specimens, which is necessary for histologic examinations.
Rutherford's narrative techniques do not allow readers the opportunity to experience the perceptual disorder (or middle passage) necessary to decalcify perception.