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any polyhedron having ten plane faces

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(OTCQB: COSM) has acquired 100% of the shares of UK-based pharmaceutical wholesaler Decahedron Ltd., the company said.
But as it entered into its second hour, contestants dwindled to seven, then six, then five young ladies after hours of spelling words as challenging as "decahedron'' and "accoutrement'' and "streusel.''
Most of Ag seed particles are twin particles (decahedron) in which twin lines appeared under oil-bath heating of AgN[O.sub.3]/PVP (40K)/EG solution under Ar gas bubbling at 150[degrees]C for 50 min (Figure 1(a), see also Figure S1 in Supplementary Material available at
Fitzmyer employs the image of a decahedron to illustrate Paul's multifaceted understanding of the saving consequences of Christ's death and resurrection.
BLT is fronted by Anton and Decahedron, former child stars who have been taken to the nation's heart, apparently, in the manner of Morecambe and Wise.
They found that the 102-atom gold cluster was a "superatom" with a core of 79 gold atoms arranged into a truncated decahedron. The results confirmed the "divide and protect" structure first predicted by team member Hannu Hakkinen, a professor at the University of Jyvaskyla.