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remove caffeine from (coffee)

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As the Swiss Water method, it used solely water and osmosis to decaffeinate beans.
This is what customers that decaffeinate (or "toll") large batches do.
Depending on which method was used to decaffeinate your coffee, you can usually expect some artifact of that process to impact the flavor of your coffee in a subtle, yet perceptible way.
Some decaffeinators listed below are "Toll Only" meaning that they only decaffeinate the coffee that roasters specifically send them.
SWISS WATER DECAF IS RENOWNED FOR ITS SUPERIOR ORIGIN FLAVOR, characteristic retention and chemical-free properties as well as utilizing their signature "flavor-charged" water to decaffeinate coffee rather than use chemicals solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate.
It will also allow roasters to decaffeinate special and/or small lots with far greater flexibility.