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coffee with the caffeine removed

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Decaf coffee being free from any preservative has arrested the attention of health-centric consumers.
Those who drank caffeinated coffee rated themselves and their fellow group members more positively than those who drank decaf. It had to do with alertness.
The risk of gout was 22 percent lower in those who drank one to three cups a day of any (decaf or regular) coffee than in those who drank no coffee.
When you're full of beans the last thing you need is a strong coffee - but a little decaf might just be the brew for you ...
The coffee, packaged under the Entenmann's Ultimate label, is available in Cafe Blend, Cafe Blend Decaf, Cafe Blend Dark Roast, Cinnamon Crumb Cake, Hazelnut and Vanilla Bean varieties.
The teas are available in six flavors: Mango Ginger Decaf Green, White Tea with Schizandra, Tropical Rooibos, Premier Estate Assam, Gen Mai Cha and Blackcurrant Hibiscus.
Varieties include Original, Original Decaf, Colombian Supreme, Lite, French Roast, Hazelnut, and Vanilla.
What About Decaf? A few studies have even found that drinking decaffeinated coffee reduces diabetes risk.
So the first few days, drink one cola per day and go with decaf for the remainder.
If you ever have wondered whether your favorite coffee, tea, or soda contains caffeine--despite its decaf label or the absence of caffeine on the ingredients list--then you soon may be able to test the beverage yourself.
The DeCaf Company, LLC has announced a scientific breakthrough that will allow coffee or tea drinkers to reduce and control the amount of caffeine in their beverages--all within a matter of seconds--and without compromising the drink's taste and quality.
Cafes that once sold traditional fried English breakfasts are as likely as not to have devised a menu involving muesli, skimmed milk and a decaf. Has the world gone mad?
DeCaf Company, LLC, a developer of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPS), recently announced commencement of the licensing of its patent for the removal of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) from contaminated water.
It is a typical morning in the kitchen of Ramona's railroad flat in suburban Atlanta: a pot of decaf coffee, oat bran muffins, and Percocet.