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Baseball's Best Decade brings an entirely new perspective on the way baseball has been played since the 1920s, how the game has changed, and which decade best qualifies as baseball's “golden age.
The first decade of the 21st century was the hottest on record, marked by unprecedented climate and weather extremes that killed more than 370,000 people, the United Nations weather agency said Wednesday.
But there is another side to this decade which needs to be encompassed by a proper name.
49ers -- They rode into the decade on the shoulders of Terrell Owens, winning 12 games in 2001 and 10 in 2002, making the playoffs in both seasons.
Those who say the decade has a year to go have a strong point.
The survey predicts that New York State's consulting engineering industry is expected to grow over the next decade as it follows a trend in mergers and acquisitions that has engulfed other sectors of real estate and finance indsutries in recent years.
Harvest results showed there was a significant yield gain with each new decade with the biggest increase, 47 bushels per acre, in the current decade.
The world has become much more competitive during this past decade, especially for "mindshare" of our members.
6 million, growing by nearly 200 per cent in the past century and by about 6 per cent in the last decade alone.
Compared with the upheaval and white-hot transformation of the '60s, the decade Garry Marshall built always seemed petty, small, ridiculous.
Such a warning is not abstract, as Japan's recent lost decade of growth prior to financial reform shows.
But while volatility remains the same, the wild ride of the first half of this decade may have also been the result of fundamental changes in the way scrap flows globally and the way it is generated domestically.
Earlier this decade, copper traders can recall a time when the thought of $1-per-pound copper seemed like a far-fetched notion.
Each individual volume is dedicated to presenting an historical overview of a particular decade of world history beginning with the 1900s and concluding with the 1990s.