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the exposure of falseness or pretensions


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Second, to what degree were people encouraged to think extensively about the information debunking the false information?
Chapter 25 comes down heavy on TV for doing so much to disseminate the kind of disinformation he has been debunking. Chapter 26 offers fascinating histories of several religions, showing all of them to be hoaxes even if the founders were sincere.
Further, floating ice in the Arctic's Bering Sea has now thickened to all-time high, debunking Greenpeace's 1999 claim that it would vanish altogether.
Below is a current list of a myths and dangers that HCG True Diet is debunking.
Debunking the Hyperinflation of Peter Schiff and the Gold Bugs
It's a familiar story of grateful patients who think Gary is a miracle worker - despite all medical evidence to the contrary - and angry sceptics who like nothing better than debunking Gary on the internet.
The Financial Post's Comment page, thanks to editors Terence Corcoran and Lawrence Solomon, has published an impressive collection of articles explaining the science and debunking the hysteria.
He also possesses a fine comic mind which, in his new show, he sets to debunking seven of the laziest stereotypes of disability.
Efthimiou's debunking logic: On January 1, 1600, the human population was 536,870,911.
McManus' article "Debunking Bush's Reason for War" in the October 16 issue was right on, except for a very important part that he left out about PNAC (The Project for The New American Century) and their September 2000 document Rebuilding America's Defense.
Debunking myths such as "you have to sell out to grow", Getting to Scale addresses how to responsibly increase business size while maintaining ownership and control, how to adapt to corporate culture, how to access greater capital and markets, and much more.
You still sense a little nervousness when debunking many of the standard, often nonsense, ideas of the great and the good of the architectural establishment.
Throughout the English world the words of the Pope were interpreted by the media to mean that he was debunking all modern music (see cartoon, a sample of several others).
Being realists about Gandhi, we can build on that portion of his legacy that withstands debunking while retaining the mythic ideal of his boundless concern as a model to emulate in our pursuit of social justice.
Watson gives us juicy tidbits about the discovery of the DNA molecule and infighting in the scientific community, as well as debunking theories such as eugenics.