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Synonyms for debt


in debt

indebted to


Synonyms for debt

something, such as money, owed by one person to another

a condition of owing something to another

Words related to debt

the state of owing something (especially money)

an obligation to pay or do something

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A Debtless Denomination by 1945" (the SBC's one-hundredth anniversary) soon became a familiar refrain in Royal Service's pages--until the women's unprecedented giving caused convention leaders to anticipate being "Debt-Free in '43.
For a Debtless Denomination, Royal Service, August 1940, 5; Mrs.
Dillard, "My Last Call for Debt-Clearance," For a Debtless Denomination, Royal Service, December 1943, 5, 31.
It is thought that Telecom Italia wants to use its debtless mobile division's cash flow to ease the group's EUR30bn debt, reports The Associated Press.
Graduates in the East Midlands proved the next most thrifty students with 22 per cent coming out debtless.