debt ceiling

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the maximum borrowing power of a governmental entity

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"Of course I expect the debt ceiling to be raised on time," Mnuchin said, adding that nobody involved in the talks wanted to see the US government's credit position at risk.
R-Ky., has said that he doesn't think "there will be any chance we'll allow the country to default." McConnell didn't make it clear if he would organize his party to vote on a debt ceiling increase before the summer recess, however. 
The rule is simple: Shutdown good, debt ceiling bad.
According to CBS News, James said that unless something is done to extend the debt ceiling, the Treasury Department will not be able to pay off America's bills.
Finance officials from around the world expressed deep worries during the IMF-World Bank meetings this week over the partial government shutdown that has now gone on for 12 days, and the failure to raise the debt ceiling.
What might happen if the debt ceiling is not raised?
There was, however, one glimmer of hope for progress in the bitter showdown that has closed the US government for more than a week and sparked fears that Washington could default on its commitments if the debt ceiling is not raised by October 17.
In comments on Sunday political talk shows, neither Republicans nor Democrats offered any sign of impending agreement on either the shutdown or the debt ceiling, and both blamed the other side for the impasse.
Republicans should listen closely to their longtime allies on Wall Street, who are warning Congress that failure to raise the government's debt ceiling could derail the economic recovery and plunge the nation, and perhaps the global economy, back into a recession.
As both sides of Congress have hardened their positions in the budget fight, political strategist Greg Valliere fears a "worst-case scenario" on the debt ceiling is becoming more likely.
President Barack Obama said Sunday that he will not negotiate with his Republican rivals on raising the country's debt ceiling to avert a debt default of the world's largest economy.
The next showdown will come when the debt ceiling needs to be raised again.
Summary: The US House of Representatives has passed a measure to increase the country's debt ceiling, fending off the risk of a debt default.
Senate seat, announced he would have voted against the debt ceiling proposal that the Senate just passed.
Obama warned viewers that unless Congress agrees quickly to a long-term increase in the federal debt ceiling, "we would risk sparking a deep economic crisis." The president emphasized the dangers and insisted that a standoff could seriously slow job creation, raise interest rates and shake global faith in the U.S.