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put someone through a debriefing and make him report

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After the completion of each case, the entire team would participate in a Debrief using a standardized Debrief checklist (Figure 2).
Team members have also been asking for sessions when they identify a need to debrief, rather than wait until a major critical incident occurs.
Medically-qualified team members were debriefed for 45 minutes with two to four recent CPR attempts using this audio-visual feedback and further periodic debriefs.
The ability to plan, conduct, debrief and report accurately is paramount in continuing the important mission of protecting the U.
However, the floods proved to be a disaster on such a huge scale that it took much longer than usual to complete all the paperwork Mr Clough said: "There is a timeline advised about conducting debriefs in about two to four weeks after the close of the life-saving phase.
This ability dispenses with cumbersome rewinding and searching associated with analog tapes, and it improves the fidelity and focus of debriefs.
The display system, called the Individual Combat Aircrew Display System, or ICADS, provides real-time exercise control and post-mission debriefs.
ICADS provides real-time mission control and immediate debriefs for air-combat training missions on PCs, laptops or in a theater environment.
Under the contract, Cubic Defense Applications will provide GPS-based "rangeless" pods for a dozen aircraft platforms, portable PC-based displays for aircrew debriefs and exercise control, and two years of logistics support.
The instrumentation pods, typically mounted on a wingtip weapon station, are mobile monitoring devices that collect in-flight data for post-mission debriefs.
The integration includes new deployable ground stations and Cubic's advanced PC-based Individual Combat Aircrew Display System (ICADS) for portable debriefs and after-action reviews.
The data is sent from the master site to a central processing facility, where the missions are monitored in real-time and data is recorded for pilot debriefs.
The system provides all standard air combat display and debriefs -- including flight dynamics, weapon events and the outcomes of each engagement -- as well as 2-D, 3-D and alphanumeric displays.