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report of a mission or task

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We have counseling and psychological debriefing for officers who have family problems," Bulalacao said.
She said that findings are given at high-level debriefings where the government has an opportunity to give its side.
On initial debriefing results, Brawner said some of the rescued hostages narrated how they were forced to loot for ammunition, firearms, money and pieces of jewelry in abandoned houses.
Although the efficacy of debriefing has not been proven with evidence-based research, it is thought to be a useful coping mechanism for dealing with death (Ross-Adjie et al.
It is expected that the conclusions of this study may help in the construction of lesson plans that include business games, by revealing the influence of factors linked to simulation dynamics, many of which are under the professor's control, such as taking or not a passive role in the teaching-learning process, or to include debriefing steps in the simulation dynamics etc.
The debriefing meeting was hosted under the auspices of the Treaty Implementation Cell (TIC), Cabinet Division and was chaired by Attorney General for Pakistan, Ashtar Ausaf Ali.
Critical incident stress debriefing (CISD) helped this young nurse deal with the intense emotions and thoughts that followed: "The debriefing reassured me that what I was thinking and feeling was entirely normal in the circumstances.
As we like to say here at the NLN, good debriefing doesn't just happen.
High-fidelity simulation followed by debriefing as a group or individually has become a routine and highly valuable tool in nursing education.
On the one hand, knowing that most first responders will not take advantage of voluntary services, it is tempting to mandate, at minimum, participation in a debriefing.
DEFECTING jihadists enter a shadowy process of debriefing and deradicalisation that can last for many months.
To get the full benefit of the experience you just had, to learn from every flight, you need to spend just a few moments debriefing your flight.
11, 2001, a squad of detectives, known as the Citywide Debriefing Team, has combed the city's jails for immigrants -- predominantly Muslims -- who might be persuaded to become police informants, according to documents obtained by The New York Times, along with interviews with former members of the unit and senior police officials.
Detectives working for a unit known as the Citywide Debriefing Team conducted 220 such interviews in the first quarter of this year, the Times said, citing police officials, and conducted many hundreds of interviews in other years.
I found that in order for me to interpret play, I had to look at the beginning and the end of it--the briefing and the debriefing.