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put someone through a debriefing and make him report

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Defusion and debriefing sessions should be offered and accessible to all involved staff with the support of the ED and facilitated by a trained debriefer.
According to Creswell (2013), peer debriefers act as sounding boards who challenge the researchers' methodologies.
Two peer debriefers were invited to review the process and ask questions related to data analyses.
As such, 35M HUMINT Collectors, in a post-OCO/non-deployed Army, may become simply overt debriefers.
Efforts to control this limitation included the use of peer debriefers and member checking.
The peer debriefers provided the researcher an opportunity to clarify his interpretations about the nature of quality healthcare and to examine his biases.
From identifying good questioning techniques and how to avoid the wrong questions to controlling conversations and gaining expertise, this comes from a strategic debriefer who has been training other interrogators and debriefers, and who here offers special skills and focus not commonly addressed.
The researcher was cognizant of this throughout the process and used peer debriefers and an inquiry auditor, all of whom had no direct experience with the program or the students, to review analyses and documents for hidden assumptions and biases.
As a result of their challenges to the data analysis, I engaged in a cyclic process of reexamining raw and coded data and discussed any new data understandings with the peer debriefers until consensus was reached.
Under the agreement signed by the DSWD, PNU, and PASUC, the pool of debriefers and psychosocial providers should be willing to be deployed anywhere especially if they are near the affected area.
The DSWD, in coordination with the LGUs, specifically the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officers (MSWDO) of the affected towns, closely monitored the situation, provided relief goods and deployed stress debriefers and counselors for the grieving families.
The themes and the follow-up questions were shared with the rest of the research team members (one professor, one boundary spanner), who acted as peer debriefers.
Additionally, concerning surveillance and border control, Frontex provided interviewers to assist the Greek authorities in the screening of apprehended migrants to ascertain their nationality and identity, as well as debriefers to gather evidence on the involvement of people smuggling networks and trafficking rings as well as other relevant intelligence on cross-border criminal activities.