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put someone through a debriefing and make him report

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The role of the facilitator and debriefer cannot be underestimated in connection with learners' perceptions of effectiveness.
Both the primary researcher (PR) and the peer debriefer (PD) were involved in the creation of tags.
Again, the peer debriefer reviewed data, integration notes, and Trends and Implications Draft 2 to provide another validity check.
The senior author used a university professor as a peer debriefer. The role of the peer debriefer included exploring the senior author's biases, discussing research journal notes, clarifying interpretations, and playing the role of devil's advocate (Hanson & Newburg, 1992).
Later, each transcript was unitized, coded, and analyzed by constant comparative method (Lincoln & Guba 1985) under the guidance of Professor Tom Skrtic, who also served as a peer debriefer. Separate member checks for the two groups were conducted in a public building.
Circumscribed around rigorous research into the company, individuals, and their jobs, the key to this method is to ask the right questions, with the debriefer using judgment to inquire further when answers are otherwise unclear, fudged, or avoided.
A peer debriefer read notes and discussed classifications.
A debriefer (committee mentor) monitored the developing construction to assure the researcher's construction was not over-shadowing the participants' constructions.
Michael Davis, a 25-year veteran with the New York State Department of Correctional Services, is an employee assistance coordinator and advanced debriefer with the Upstate New York CISD Network.
In addition to being recognized as Delta Company Soldier of the Month for 12 consecutive months and top gunner at 3rd Brigade, he received an Army Commendation Medal for his performance as a Foreign Military Collections Activities strategic debriefer during his deployment to Kuwait.
The first author served as primary investigator for this study, conducting research under the advisement of the second author; one peer debriefer with advanced qualitative training was also involved in coding and development of themes.
The principal author served as "peer debriefer" during the analysis of the interpretive interviews to ensure credibility and dependability of the findings.
A peer debriefer who checked and asked questions and an external auditor who reviewed the project were both employed to offer an objective assessment of this study.
Debriefing the debriefer. Lastly, disaster preparedness in the workplace demands that the EAP be prepared as well.
The researcher also consulted regularly with three external experts and with a competent peer debriefer (Creswell, 2017) to review proper application and evolution of methodology.