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put someone through a debriefing and make him report

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The majority of the students found the large group debrief with the instructor immediately following the encounters to be a beneficial component and an interactive learning opportunity to reflect on both positive and negative aspects with a knowledgeable instructor.
Indeed, it may reveal gaps in prior learning that should be discussed during the debrief and targeted with follow-up training.
Debrief Checklist Surgeon * Procedures performed * Verify specimens * Verify implants * What went right * What went wrong * Concerns Anesthesia * Verify postop plan * Concerns Nurse/Technician * Counts correct * Wound classification * Medications * Concerns * Complete debrief tool
Then begins the long debrief process of identifying camps, routes, contacts, weaponry and IS commanders from photographs.
Lapp's research focused on students receiving instruction (which was, after all, when she was present to introduce the concept of the post-flight debrief and judge the results), she notes in the Flight Training article she created the form originally to reinforce her own need for post-flight debriefings as a certificated and active pilot, and has told me several times her intent is for pilots to use the form as a self-debriefing tool.
STANDARD: Debrief a person just returned from a foreign country.
The mission debrief is a key element of a fighter pilot's cultural DNA.
A British Swimming statement read: "British Swimming chief executive David Sparkes has held initial discussions with Olympic swimmer Becky Adlington to listen to concerns raised following this week's publication of the London 2012 performance debrief report.
It has been suggested that a debrief as simple as a positive comment about something done well, can become very powerful when repeated after each case, and can lead to a more positive working team (France et al 2008).
Multiple searches were conducted using strategies appropriate for each database, with combinations of keywords that included: debrief, learning, formative feedback, formative assessment, facilitated feedback, experiential learning and nursing.
With the majority of the personnel who work for McLaren of English origin, the team's post-qualifying debrief will likely be held over for a couple of hours, allowing Hamilton and Button the opportunity to catch the match.
At that time we called it psychological debriefing because we used the same procedures to debrief traumatic events.
He was speaking at the end of the week-long debrief on lessons to be learned from this summer's Beijing Olympics.
But as part of the massive debrief, an independent chairman is needed to pick apart the good, the bad and the ugly of how the floods were handled.
At the conclusion of every operation such as this, there is a debrief were lessons and improvements are identified.