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These complexed molecules pass the debranching enzyme as they are delivered through the inside lining of the cell and sugars are separated from their associated complexes.
Bao Y Dawson TL Jr, Chen YT Human glycogen debranching enzyme gene (AGL): complete structural organization and characterization of the 5' flanking region.
1985), which is more dominantly attributable to the changing activities of soluble starch synthase (SSS), starch branching enzyme (SBE) and starch debranching enzyme (DBE) in filling endosperms, rather than the limitation in sucrose supply from photosynthesis tissues and its cleavage metabolism in non-photosynthesis tissues.
The debranching enzyme removes branches, leaving a linear structure that is not easily attacked by digestive enzymes.
Other glycogen storage diseases, such as deficiencies of phosphofructokinase and debranching enzyme, would also yield an abnormal Ischemic exercise response.
Upon entering the cell, another enzyme known as the debranching enzyme, which is called beta-glucosidase in a fermenting cell and also the placental trophoblast cell, splits the sugar from the complex molecule.
Structural feature of the archeal glycogen debranching enzyme from Sulfolobus solfataricus
Hydrolysis of xylan (hemicellulose, second most abundant polymer in plant cell wall) is majorly catalyzed by xylanases followed by several other xylanolytic enzymes that includes a-d-xylosidase and a variety of debranching enzymes i.