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Vice chairman and chief executive officer Robert Coury comments that DeBone has made invaluable contributions to the growth and success of Mylan.
The observant waiter suggests, "Perhaps Madame would like me to debone it away from the table." A grateful nod and off it goes; back we go to Manon.
One was to debone a sardine and the other was to butterfly a poussin (a young chicken).
The college head chef demonstrated how to debone and fillet a sardine with great pomp.
For the oxtail: Debone oxtail, leaving meat intact.
Louis DeBone has been designated president and chief operating officer, succeeding A.B.
About 38 workers debone the bird as it comes down the line, with each set of workers removing different parts: first drumsticks, then wings (whole or split, depending on customer preference), then breast fillets, tenders, and finally thighs.
Other benefits such as labour saving, reductions in re-work and securing additional valuable supply and debone contracts have also resulted from installation of BoneScan units.
NEW YORK -- Louis DeBone has been named president and chief operating officer of Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., the generic drug manufacturing unit of Mylan Laboratories Inc.
Debone the three birds by cutting along the backbone so the birds open up flat.
Debone the chicken, leaving it in one whole piece (or you can have the chicken vendor do this for you when you buy the chicken).
1 Debone chicken quarters leaving skin and meat intact.
In addition to producing minced meat, the facility also debones, cuts and packs meat for the Danish market.