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account of payments owed

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On the debit side, Peter Lovenkrands is under treatment after rolling his ankle, while Brian Howard has a quadricep muscle strain.
A cheque for $1,600 received from a customer to whom goods are regularly supplied on credit was correctly entered into the cash book, but posted to the debit side of the sales account.
On the debit side, though, Djokovic's only recent hard-court win came in the most important match when he eased past Murray in straight sets in last year's final, kicking off a year of absolute brilliance when he swept all before him.
Jack Ashcroft, Ryan Stead and Chris Saidi all won good line out ball but on the debit side flanker Shepherd and impact substitute Joe Pollard both were injured leaving the selectors with a problem for the trip to Middlesbrough this Saturday.
On the debit side, minority parties jeered after reports said that some ministries were going ahead with paying bonuses to staff.
On the debit side, the set was so threadbare that many details in the drama were lost.
On the debit side, nine-hole Belford withdrew from the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs, which gives the county a membership of 41 clubs, as against the Durham County Golf Union's 45, one up with Rockliffe becoming associated this year.
That's the debit side. On the credit side, huge numbers of us have seen the light and find a way to keep fit by working in gardens and allotments, visiting a gym regularly or going for a run.
On the debit side tyre noise in the higher speed ranges intruded into the normally quiet ambience this car enjoys.
On the debit side, however, there are fresh concerns about the fitness of Didier Drogba after he was carried off after 60 minutes with a knee injury.
The left-hand column is known as the debit side of the account.
On the debit side, Husted's approach is frequently choppy and lacks adequate transitions.
On the debit side, Allan Picken is not yet fit after undergoing surgery for a knee injury.