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account of payments owed

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recorded in Equity Account of Local Government in Debit side and Cash of UPTD will credited.
A cheque for $1,600 received from a customer to whom goods are regularly supplied on credit was correctly entered into the cash book, but posted to the debit side of the sales account.
On the debit side, the set was so threadbare that many details in the drama were lost.
On the debit side, nine-hole Belford withdrew from the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs, which gives the county a membership of 41 clubs, as against the Durham County Golf Union's 45, one up with Rockliffe becoming associated this year.
But the dire and abject way the side fell apart over the last four games now enters the CCFC ledger on the debit side under "all time greatest disappointment".
On the debit side tyre noise in the higher speed ranges intruded into the normally quiet ambience this car enjoys.
On the debit side, however, there are fresh concerns over the fitness of Didier Drogba.
On the debit side, Husted's approach is frequently choppy and lacks adequate transitions.
The left-hand column is known as the debit side of the account.
On the debit side, Allan Picken is not yet fit after undergoing surgery for a knee injury.
On the debit side, sound levels are all too high, and the score pushes harder than necessary.
On the debit side, Rolfe provides no citations, so the value of his work as serious scholarship is compromised.
going to examine, with you, the debit side of our ledger.