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Synonyms for debit

pay out from


  • pay out from

Synonyms for debit

an accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing

enter as debit

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* Prepaid debit cards don't require a bank account.
The company will provide resources and offerings to help customers manage their direct debit systems.
Shop for the new fashion season online and use your Debit Mastercard to enjoy 20% off at for a minimum spend of P2,500, and 12% off or up to P200 on flash sales at
Debit cards also provide an alternative way to carry money anywhere you go.
Dade County FCU has a mixed ATM fleet, with 15 Dolphin Debit ATMs out of a current total of 51.
'Businesses can collect payments from its clients efficiently by debiting clients' bank account on recurring basis determine when and how much to debit their clients once the direct debit mandate is obtained from them,' he said.
"We don't operate the direct debit guarantee." This is nonsense.
Nonetheless, the 12th annual Debit Issuer Study confirmed that fraud continues to challenge issuers.
With the latest introduction any Easypaisa Mobile Account customer using the Easypaisa smartphone App can instantly generate a Virtual Debit Card on their smartphone and then use this card for online payments - wherever MasterCard is accepted.
This possibility is provided and verified in association with a 3D secure feature that adds additional layers of security to Internet-based credit and debit card purchases.
The report "Kazakhstan Debit Cards Usage Analytics: 2009 to 2019" is the result of Verdict Financial's extensive market research covering the cards and payments industry in Kazakhstan.
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) issued regulations on Thursday to organise the use of debit cards issued in local currency outside Egypt.
Debit rewards programs at big institutions may be few and far between, but industry experts said they're rapidly becoming the new secret weapon for credit unions interested in snagging market share.
[USPRwire, Mon Nov 30 2015] Timetric's "Australia Cards and Payments: Key Trends & Drivers, Emerging Consumer Attitudes and Debit Card Growth Prospects to 2019: Market Profile" provides market analysis, information and insights into the debit card market in Australia, including: