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causing debilitation

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Confidence is a central to the appraisal of pressure, and contributes to the cognitive and somatic response patterns that are either facilitative or debilitative to performance (Blascovich et al., 2003).
Considering the debilitative role of language anxiety and test anxiety in a Deutsch language classes, we should take measures to reduce both types of anxiety.
The power of negative labels seems to have a debilitative psychological effect on students in academic achievement.
It follows that a debilitative and facilitative anxiety model has been proposed by Jones (1995).
The author described facilitating anxiety as highly adaptive and motivating in a stressful situation compared to debilitative anxiety, which is more maladaptive in that it limits success in a stressful situation, consistent with the Yerkes Dodson hypothesis of arousal.
Inversely, musicians who viewed their anxiety symptoms as debilitative stated that their symptoms contributed to reduced enjoyment of playing, and practical problems, decreased control over their body, and that physiological arousal was a threat to their performance quality.
Anaemia is a global health problem [1,2] with a major debilitative effect, [3] especially in children in subSaharan Africa.
("[E]xtreme stress has a debilitative effect on subsequent identification accuracy."); LOFTUS, supra note 62, at 33.
The results of this study suggest that some students are at risk of having debilitative levels of foreign language anxiety, especially female ones.
Another track and field athlete identified how a lack of confidence had a debilitative effect on performance, "But when I didn't have the confidence in myself and I couldn't jump, the anxiety actually hurt me.
Stemedix[TM] ( is a Florida based Autologous Adipose Stem Cell treatment organization offering cutting-edge stem cell therapy and expertise to patients who suffer from this chronic, debilitative and progressive movement disorder.
The authors argued that some people perceive anxiety descriptors as facilitative while others perceive them as debilitative. In the study of Mackinnon et al.
He noted important distinctions between trait and state anxiety, and between facilitating and debilitative anxiety.
Dispositional and environmental factors interact with situational stressors to produce varying amounts of facilitative and debilitative anxiety (Alpert & Haber, 1960).
Most of the older Filipino people are now commonly suffering from these debilitative conditions.