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Synonyms for debilitation

the depletion or sapping of strength or energy

Synonyms for debilitation

serious weakening and loss of energy

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Moon is debilitated in his horoscope but Mars cancels its debilitation making Moon omnipotent.
Every effort must be made to provide widespread public access to medication that can prevent debilitation and death.
"The last surgery caused total debilitation of his 'jaws function' where the patient couldn't eat, talk or take care of his teeth, eventually leading to a lack of social life."
In less than 18 months at the helm of affairs in the Oval Office, Donald Trump has effectively put the American Foreign Policy on the track of erosion and debilitation and Washington is fast losing its stature as the nucleus of global peace and stability.
Penguins admitted due to molt or debilitation were more likely to die during rehabilitation than those admitted due to oiling.
To be clear, by burnout I'm not referring to boredom or lack of inspiration with work, but rather the fear-based high anxiety and psychological debilitation that is the result of overly stressful attributes associated with your job.
During his childhood Pizarro suffered from debilitation back pain that required multiple surgeries.
Defence barrister Des Fahy said the offending came at a time when Hillerby's working hours were being significantly reduced and when the pensioner's debilitation became more marked.
The resulting surface debilitation could potentially weaken the structure and leave it vulnerable to serious deterioration--even collapse.
Critique: Impressively researched, written, organized and presented, "Smuggler's End: The Life and Death of Barry Seal" exposes one of the Regan administration's darkest and ultimately disastrous secrets--the collaboration of elements of the United States government in the dissemination of drugs that would be responsible for the corruption of thousands of American municipal governments, the debilitation of tens of thousands of American neighborhoods, and the ruination of hundreds of thousands of American lives through addiction.
When Ruth Winter is murdered, there can be no question there is evil in the air, and Charlie, despite his debilitation, begins to act like a detective.
Her family was dissatisfied with almost all aspects of her daily care while she was in hospital for four years, suffering from advancing dementia and physical debilitation. Under the Valerie Lipson Scholarship, up to $7500 will be offered annually to a registered nurse completing postgraduate study to become a nurse practitioner working with older adults in, or across, aged-care settings.
Due to severe debilitation, Congressman Bedell eventually had to retire from Congress, but first, he paved the way to DSHEA.
These practices of bodily as well as infrastructural debilitation, loosely effaced in concerns about 'disproportionate force', indicate the extension or perhaps the mutation of the 'right to kill' claimed by states in warfare into what I am calling the 'right to maim'.