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Synonyms for debilitated

lacking strength or vigor

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'The debilitated cousin holds that it's sort of thing that's sure tapn slongs votes--giv'n--Mob.
Debilitated cousin thinks--country's going-- Dayvle--steeple-chase pace.
The majority incline to the debilitated cousin's sentiment, which is in few words--"no business--Rouncewell's fernal townsman." Sir Leicester generally refers back in his mind to Wat Tyler and arranges a sequence of events on a plan of his own.
A TEACHING union believes the Welsh Government has "debilitated" school staff by introducing a new monitoring system.
With the domoic acid outbreak in 2002, the number of debilitated sea lions rose tremendously.
Human infestations remain an important health problem, primarily affecting the severely debilitated or persons with no access to healthcare.
Whether debilitated oral health is the result of disease states or poor preadmission hygiene, Plak-Vac helps restore proper oral healthcare.
The film is at once a poetic collusion of mediated images, a montage of incredible file footage of McLuhan himself and rather devastating tales of his final months of life after being debilitated by a stroke.