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Synonyms for debaucher

a man who seduces women

Synonyms for debaucher

someone who assaults others sexually

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They claim that her "public debaucher y" harmed their image, and accuse her of repeatedly engaging in various improper activities" which went against the terms of her agreement with them.
"My dear one, my mouse, my little debaucher!" He smelled of PG Tips and tobacco.
With two anthologies of poetry under his belt, Jason Camlot returns with his third anthology "The Debaucher".
It turns a man into a wild debaucher, a maddened and wilful persecutor of his fellow men" (36-37).
Debauchery served him as a kind of sedative that makes the debaucher forget everything that exceeds immediate pleasure and the means to achieve it.
Very often, in fact, travel proved "the greatest debaucher, adding affectation to folly and atheism to the principles of many not well principled by education." It was all too easy, he thought, to suffer from "the external levity of France, pride of Spain and treachery of Italy." There were other dangers, too, in Italy awaiting the innocent young English traveller.
In Wadsworth's thoughtfully unorthodox treatment, which premiered at Seattle Repertory Theatre in March and moved on to New Jersey's McCarter Theatre in April, Don Juan is an insatiable debaucher, bien sur, but he's also a renegade rationalist and social critic.
He became known locally as the "Beast of Boleskine" for his heroin addiction and reputation as a debaucher of vulnerable women.
THE NEWEST MEDIA DEBAUCHER IS THE INTERNET, which has stirred up a frenzy going light years beyond even television violence.
As Jewett put it, testimony revealed Hoover "to be the debaucher of one woman and the destroyer of one happy home."(48)
"If there is a mortal in existence who can show by evidence which would be received in any petty court among the Hottentots that the confessed debaucher, Grover Cleveland, has repented and reformed, and that ...
Il nous semble possible debaucher ces pictogrammes complementaires a partir des usages contractuels, en faisant quelques distinctions d'ordre pratique pour en faciliter l'appropriation : on determinera, par exemple, que les pictogrammes sur fond domine par des nuances noires et grises pourraient enoncer les conditions relatives a l'utilisation du site Web ou de l'infrastructure transactionnelle de l'offrant ou du commercant; ceux sur fond rouge fonce fourniraient les renseignements pertinents relatifs aux achats de biens ou de services; enfin, les icones sur fond bleu traiteraient des clauses de prevention et de reglement des differends.
Il est aussi accuse par le leader du PCF, Pierre Lauren, de n'ecouter que de[beaucoup moins que]l'oreille droite[beaucoup plus grand que] qui confere au positionnement droitier prone par le [beaucoup moins que]sarkozyste de gauche[beaucoup plus grand que] que l'ancien president a tente de debaucher en 2007 et le basculement de la sociale-democratie a l'alternative ultraliberale les urgences du vote massivement a droite de la France en crise, desindustrialisee et en panne de competitivite internationale.