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(6.693-701) The conversation among the debauchees, the servant, and the innkeeper thus revolves around "Deeth," superficially consistent topically, but its meaning is ironically disrupted.
Only the coterie of the Debauchees offers the Woman in Red a temporary feeling of participation, of moving between worlds.
Amid this unjust war, the war of infidels and debauchees led by America along with its allies and agents, we would like to stress a number of important values:
The rest, The Modern Husband, The Old Debauchees, The Covent-Garden Tragedy.
Commenting on the line "The debauchees returned, broken by their business" (1) (Baudelaire 85) from "Morning Twilight" (2)--the same poem in which Charles Baudelaire compares Paris to an "aged workman" (85; "vieillard laborieux")--Walter Benjamin notes, "With the Saint-Simonians, industrial labor is seen in the light of sexual intercourse; the idea of the joy of working is patterned after an image of the pleasure of procreation.
The Shiites are debauchees who allow mut'ah (pleasure) marriages for pre-determined periods.
Go to the right places and you'll meet professional debauchees, seasoned clubbers and karaoke stalwarts.
dice-box, wherewith great gamblers play away your liberties; when debauchees of the worst type hold all your public offices and dine off the food of fools who support them, why, then, sits Moses Harman there within his prison cell?
Like most debauchees, he cultivated an impressively strong line in "little boy lost" pathos, which led the aforementioned daughter-in-law to view his cognition with a reverence that a blend of Aristotle, Leonardo and Newton could scarcely have justified.
In Proust's characterization of the homosexual, the turning of the head to look back is identified, as I have said, as a vestigial trace of these biblical origins: '[Les homosexuels] eurent une nombreuse posterite chez qui ce geste est reste habituel, pareil a celui des femmes debauchees qui, en ayant l'air de regarder un etalage de chaussures placees derriere une vitrine, retournent la tete vers un etudiant' (RTP, III, 33; my italics).
As a leader of the court wits, Rochester became known as one of the wildest debauchees at the Restoration court, the hero of numerous escapades, and the lover of various mistresses.
In the middle of Philosophy in the Bedroom, in between performing unspeakable acts of sexual perversion upon each other, the debauchees often discourse a philosophy remarkably similar to modern ethological theories of behavior, which, like eliminative materialism, do not posit the existence of intents and beliefs.
He was one of America's five or six major artists, who happened to work with ideas instead of with poems or novels." By comparison to Edwards, the Transcendentalists seemed transparently starry-eyed--"debauchees of dew," Miller had called them in one of his more notorious essays, "From Edwards to Emerson" (1940).