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His legacy was succinctly summed up by the Literary Gazette: "Heir to an immense fortune, gifted by nature with a mind susceptible of noble cultivation, and a body endowed with admirable physical powers, the wretched drunkard died in a gaol at the age of thirty-eight, a worn-out debauchee and drivelling sot."
Olivia, however, elopes with Thornhill, a serial seducer and debauchee, and it's only at the end of the novel--after much suffering--that their marriage is revealed as valid.
Inebriate of Air--am I-- And Debauchee of Dew-- Reeling--thro' endless summer days-- From inns of Molten Blue-- When "Landlords" turn the drunken Bee Out of the Foxglove's door-- When Butterflies--renounce their "drams"-- I shall but drink the more!
/ And debauchee of dew") add a logic of parts and wholes, the logic
A disco will also be the setting for YSL's first encounter with Jacques de Bascher (Louis Garrel), an aristocratic debauchee who led the designer into further dissolution; his baleful, wolfish appeal is immediately apparent as the two men cruise each other across a packed dance floor, the crowd ecstatically grooving to Patti Austin's "Didn't Say a Word."
Down the pike, he must have in mind an amnesty for debauchee emigres squandering their stashes in London.
This old malefactor, who "mena toujours une vie debauchee" (4:276), first assures himself of her sexual innocence before revealing that he "voulait sans doute faire en petit ce que Louis XV fit en grand pour mademoiselle de Romans; mais il s'y prenait trop tard: Louis XV etait encore jeune, tandis que le docteur se trouvait a la fleur de la vieillesse" (4:390-1).
But there are whole poems, without narrative frames, that consist largely of epic (or mock-epic) simile: take Lord Rochester's "The Disabled Debauchee," or Robert Hass's "Heroic Simile." Both are poems about sexual disappointment, in which people fail to copulate.
Inebriate of Air--am I-- And Debauchee of Dew-- Reeling--thro endless summer days-- From inns of Molten Blue.
In some poems, as in those observed above, Horace is a man dedicated to seclusion and philosophical improvement, but in others, he is more of a hedonistic debauchee anxious to resume his poetic career.
His sportswomen were no more than a debauchee who tried to find physical pleasure everywhere.
Durand travelled to Hunza to agree the details in a treaty, but he was not impressed by what he found, describing the Thum of Nagar as 'a paralytic debauchee' and Safdar Ali of Hunza as 'a sad looking figure, twenty-two years old and delicate, with shifty Mongolian eyes and a foxy little red beard'.
The spy is stood motionless to draw his diagrams, a debauchee to keep a look out for a woman, the most earnest men stop to observe progress on a new building or a major demolition.
They traded risque jokes with Boyet, played by a portly and ruddy actor--a picture of an aged debauchee. His sexual innuendoes were more candid than they are in the original; on a number of occasions one or more of the ladies clung to him in a sexually provocative manner, to which he himself reacted with more than avuncular caresses.