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Synonyms for debatable

Synonyms for debatable

Synonyms for debatable

open to doubt or debate

open to argument or debate

capable of being disproved


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TV Commercials: TV is debatably the most expensive and is only effective for certain industries with specific demographics and psychographics.
(67) Notably, the court did not sever [section]766.1065(3)(A)(3), which expressly nullified the court's prior holding in Hasan, debatably the genesis of the 2013 amendments.
He thus spends time chastising me for not discussing Poliphilus, Bembo, Centaur (which he debatably declares to be "the best revival of Jenson to date"), Barbou, the history of Bodoni's evolution as a punchcutter, and other topics that are beyond the scope of my book and the space available to me.
Originally designed by Russia in 1944 as a reliable and authoritative intermediate-distance fighting cartridge, the 7.62x39 migrated around the world, eventually becoming what is debatably the single most prolific cartridge in history.
Earlier shows debatably posited the camera's inbuilt verism as a prompt to painters to abandon figuration, while more recent exhibitions have included scattered works in digital media.
The alleged Russian involvement used this course as one of their pawns to steer the mass perspectives prior to the debatably most monumental event in the US - the presidential elections.
Referee John Beaton debatably decided contact from Michael Doyle on Dembele as he burst forward was inside the box and the striker despatched the award.
When Trump's opponents react to so much of what he says and does with such unfettered outrage, that howl becomes background noise, and it is harder to make sure that his unequivocally foul manoeuvres stand out from his debatably foolish ones.
Whether it's for business or simply because of a debatably unhealthy obsession, many of us struggle going more than a few minutes without Internet access.
At approximately two and a half hours, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is the longest movie in the series, and debatably, the most satisfying.
What is debatably good forAmerica is not necessarily good for Pakistan.
His solution drew on traditional symbolism for each of the Persons, but employing these in a composition to represent the Trinity was unusual, and arguably, does not do justice to the togetherness of the three identities--the triangle is a nod to the unity, but is in itself a debatably inadequate symbol for interrelationship.
Most of these laws are intended to curb unhealthy and binge drinking, but they are debatably effective.
Debatably, most of the serials in Malayalam try to uphold the ideas of Hindu nationalism which are based upon the Hindutva ideology which have provided women with the means of political assertion while at the same time withholding them from achieving total freedom.