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Synonyms for debatable

Synonyms for debatable

Synonyms for debatable

open to doubt or debate

open to argument or debate

capable of being disproved


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Reflecting on how different his life is because of this part, he said: "For sure, my career was debatable and I didn't know if it was going to continue.
Butheina Kazim, Founder and Managing Director of Cinema Akil added: "Debatable is a brand new discussion-based programme under which Cinema Akil presents films that bring up difficult conversations and allow audiences the chance to express their views openly in a safe environment.
"When you take into consideration the fact that he has played more Test cricket than anyone else, and in an era of generally batsman-friendly conditions, and against some pretty ordinary bowling attacks, it is highly debatable whether he should be placed ahead of the likes of Jack Hobbs, Len Hutton, Geoff Boycott and Cook's own Essex mentor, Graham Gooch," he said.
The key game for Liverpool was their home game against Tottenham in February, which saw Spurs benefit from a debatable injury-time penalty to secure a 2-2 draw.
While the Debatable Land itself is only 13 miles long, the region is a site of legend, conflicts, battles and mystery.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn challenged the British government's legal basis for carrying out missile strikes on Syria, labelling the "humanitarian" justification "legally debatable".
The leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, said on Sunday that the legal basis used to support British air strikes in Syria was debatable, adding that he would only support action backed by the United Nations Security Council.
In this two-part article, the authors note that recent hurricane and catastrophe claims and alleged poor claims handling associated with those events are one factor, as courts have started wearing away at "fairly debatable" and "reasonable" standards that protected insurers from bad faith in prior years.
in a debatable penalty decision when Zach Clough went down under minimal contact from Martin Skrtel, Lperformance Despite him favouring the Trotters in a debatable penalty decision when Zach Clough went down under minimal contact from Martin Skrtel, Lennon was unhappy with his overall performance "I thought he was rubbish.
Debatable Humor: Laughing Matters on the 2008 Presidential Primary Campaign.
That's debatable. One answer could be the rippin' versus the pullin' techniques with lipless crankbaits like the Sebile Flatt Shad and Rapala Rippin' Rap.
But it is debatable whether such intervention would have the desired effect of keeping prices low in the long run.
The cleaning of the voter's lists is still debatable despite the demands of parties and the international community.
As the narrator says: He's got the looks (debatable), the career (not even debatable), but he hasn't got a girl.