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The "debasing demon" he imagines threatens knowledge not via the truth condition on knowledge, but via the basing condition.
For their money is used only to buy necessities." So easily are the people tricked that they put up with the debasing of the coinage!
Tensions among Republicans about President Donald Trump boiled over on Tuesday as two senators accused Trump of debasing U.S.
He deserves it because of everything that happens to you in the third act of life: it's humiliating and debasing" Actor Richard Dreyfuss "I can't retire.
AN epidemic of "sexting" is debasing the nation's children, some of whom will grow up to be abusers.
We didn't want to publish traditional narratives of public companies and startups (that debased and debasing genre), nor laudatory profiles of chief executives and founders (because such pieces shed little light upon the ventures and what they make).
NNA - Hezbollah categorically deplored in a statement on Wednesday the brutal crimes committed by the criminal and Takfiri gangs, the so- called Daash, against Iraqi citizens, using the ugliest, debasing methods of murder.
Mutahidoun bloc decided to file a suit against the person who was charged of debasing Prophet's companies, calling the government to announce its stand on the question.
Although they have been very successful at debasing their currencies, they have missed a very key point.
Stefanou said he would not dignify the comment with an answer, and accused the DISY leader of debasing political dialogue.
SIR - In medieval times "debasing or attempting to debase the currency" was treated as a very serious offence that required harsh punishment.
The nexus of drama is conflict, and the film is interesting as long as Marie is obsessed with Floriane, trying to win her approval and, at times, debasing herself to Floriane's disgust.
Ms Chakrabarti, who disclosed last week she had tried to persuade Mr Davis not to resign his seat over civil liberties, yesterday wrote to Mr Burnham accusing him of "debasing" his office.
Ms Chakrabarti yesterday wrote to Mr Burnham accusing him of "debasing" his office.
In our world obsession and neurosis are barometers of dedication, dieting unto starvation, dancing on injuries, complaining and debasing ourselves whether in truth or for show.