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Synonyms for debase

Synonyms for debase

to lower in character or quality

to make impure or inferior by deceptively adding foreign substances

Synonyms for debase

lower in value by increasing the base-metal content


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corrupt, debase, or make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance

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They clearly prove that Rosa's maltreatment debases, degrades and demeans the intrinsic worth and dignity of Ronnie as a human being and therefore constitute child abuse under Section 3 (b) (2) of RA 7610.
But if a major crisis is pressing and the safety of the people is in jeopardy and the affected citizens cannot be forced to enter into an agreement whereby the prince can commandeer the other possessions of his subjects to come to the aid of the country in its moment of need, only then will he be able to blend metals or snip off a portion of the weight, but with the proviso that the permission to debase should come to an end along with the war and that the blemish not be permanent, and then that the bad money that necessity forced upon them be straightaway turned in and retired, and that the proper old coinage be restored in place of that bad one for those who were holding it in good faith.
That is because inflation would debase both government and consumer debt.
Who are these girls who derive some kind of sado-masochistic control and debase each other and themselves?
It adds nothing to our popular culture, and only serves to engender in our young people the belief that, to become rich and famous, they should act dumb and debase themselves in public.
As a coin collector throughout my childhood, I noticed at age 21 (1965) that LBJ's administration had started to debase our U.S.
Political correctness has turned into political corruption, trying to debase traditional values and standards in favour of a superficial and immoral world-view.
"Suppression of cryptography in the vain hope of keeping its results from widespread use can y further debase the coin of national security....
"If young people do not have an understanding of black cultural history, this could be dangerous by encouraging people to laugh at us instead of with us." He added: "We don't want to go back to the Lenny Henry type of material in which we have to debase ourselves to get a laugh."
Mr Hunter said: "The British apprenticeship is still rated as one of the best in Europe but this strategy will debase it."
"People who see the documentary are getting the message that you must treat every member of society, including prisoners, with respect and dignity or you debase the whole society," she says.
Children today can't even defend themselves in public hearings to protest the current move in Congress to debase them.
A suggestion from one pupil that this could be achieved by the Bank of England printing more money was rejected with derisive laughter by the body of the class on the grounds that such a move would debase and devalue the currency.
SIR - In medieval times "debasing or attempting to debase the currency" was treated as a very serious offence that required harsh punishment.