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the act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraft

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What's staying the same: complimentary breakfast will remain the same, other than on debarkation morning.
Armored forces predominantly move over water, and the likely seaport of debarkation may be untenable.
Because Sadly, rather than rescuing fleeing Somalis from Yemen's civil war, Somaliland openly denied her debarkation at Berbera, closest safe haven by escaping folks of approximately a quarter million Somalis who already fled from Mogadishu's insecurity and sought safety earlier on.
At the same time, the strategic deployment represents the mission to transport the forces comprising personnel, equipment and materials from the Port of Embarkation to the Forward Movement Base or to the Port of Debarkation [11].
The authorities were alerted to the need for her to be immediately evacuated, with standard procedure being for the Marine Coastguard Agency to arrange a medical debarkation.
OPLAN Distant Archer describes the initial organizational construct for arrival at an airport or seaport of debarkation following joint forcible entry scenarios and sets conditions for expansion of a lodgment to conduct of follow on unified land operations.
In the 2003-2005 studies, after action reports recognized critical gaps and shortfalls in our ability to rapidly establish, initially operate, and clear a port of debarkation. In 2005, the Focused Logistics Warfighting Assessment formally identified a need to fill this gap, to include the requirement to conduct cargo handling and movement operations to a forward node.
Official points of embarkation and debarkation are Bagram Airbase, Kabul International Airport, Kandahar Airbase, Shindand Airbase, Herat International Airport, Mazar-i-Sharif Airport and Shorab (Helmand).
Additional services and amenities include priority boarding and debarkation, priority boarding of tenders ashore, one complimentary dinner for two (on seven-night itineraries) or two dinners for two (on eight-night or longer sailings) in one of CelebrityOs specialty restaurants, priority selection of dining time, Hansgrohe showerheads, use of plush Frette bathrobes, oversized cotton bath towels, a pillow menu, fresh flowers, daily fruit platter, and a complimentary tote bag.
The port served as the "North Westlandian Seaport of Debarkation (SPOD)" during the exercise.
Wind was in the air as AMAA buses pulled into the debarkation zone at Hopkinton High School on Marathon Monday.
In the first contingency response mission for the JTF-PO Sea Port of Debarkation team, the JTF-PO proved its mettle, opening the port at Port-au-Prince, managing operations above and beyond their mission requirements, and gaining crucial experiences to apply to their next challenge.
This was attributed to a number of factors--some reports blame a workers' strike in Halifax, others say that the Canadian rail system was inadequate to move large numbers of troops from the debarkation ports.
He was allowed on to an aircraft at his point of debarkation without even having a passport.
Some of their tasks included tracking and supporting all Joint operations with appropriate munitions requirements; evaluating primary and alternate air and sea ports of debarkation for ability to support munitions movements based on possible scenarios; ensuring host nation support for security, fuel, and vehicles for passenger and cargo movement; creating beddown maps for personnel, equipment and aircraft; tracking daily theater-wide fuel requirements for all Joint forces; evaluating ramp space at all bases to ensure parking availability for aircraft beddown; and addressing the possible use of alternate fuels.