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According to an article in the American Journal of Nursing, the deathrate of Jewish infants under one year, per one-thousand live births, fell from 131.25 in 1925 to 58.20 in 1938--a decrease of nearly 56 percent.
By equating the birthrate with the deathrate ([[Lambda].sub.os] and [[Lambda].sub.hd]), one can focus on the case of a constant population size which, without loss of generality, is normalized to one.
"The birthrate must be brought into balance with the deathrate or mankind will breed itself into oblivion," Ehrlich warned.
In South Africa, the Health Ministry recently issued a report saying that 1,500 of the country's people are infected with HIV every day and predicting that the annual deathrate will climb to 500,000 within the next decade.
Russia's deathrate soared by 18 percent in 1993, with infant mortality, heart disease, accidents, suicide and alcohol abuse all up.
It is the falling deathrate. People in the developing world are living longer.