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the blow that kills (usually mercifully)

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For most, having former communist fighter Shamsiah Fakeh as a grandmother would be a deathblow for their political ambitions, but newcomer Jamaliah Jamaluddin has conquered the seemingly insurmountable.
An economist, Mulu was apprehensive that the Uhuru-Raila union might deal a deathblow to the Opposition's push for inclusivity, zero corruption and employment for the young people.
as a peace broker but created conditions of volatility and instability in the region and beyond,ae1/4Ci adding that ae1/4oeThe Administration's blind support of Israel and its complicit role in the military occupation have dealt a deathblow to the chances of peace."
In a statement, the union--which represents approximately 6,000 media workers cross Canada--called the Postmedia-Torstar deal a "deathblow to local newspaper coverage."
The advent of quartz movements, which were much more precise, was nearly the deathblow for the mechanical chronograph, but the renaissance of mechanical horology in the late 1980s signaled its triumphant return.
436), where the closure of a school delivers the deathblow. The school on Clare Island well matches Egelund and Laustsen's description of a "lively local society" (p.
A victory by Marine Le Pen, the leader of the hard right National Front, would have triggered the most profound era of social strife in France in decades and could have been the deathblow for the EU.
To show just how far Buckley could go in landing a deathblow punch to the dead, here is his opening for the essay about Ayn Rand, one of six nemeses in the book: "Ayn Rand is dead.
The revolving system would soon have its deathblow given it if clubs would refuse to allow a player to enter their nine who could not show a fair record--as regards honest dealing we mean--from the club he left.
Again, the criticism is a warning--nobody is safe from the Shaka's deathblow (Apter, 2007: 43-44).
Failing to keep up with new advances or make the right investments can be a deathblow.
This proved to be the deathblow for the SPBA, as the league no longer met the terms of its television contract.
Following the collapse of "actually existing socialism" in 1989 and the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Right's Utopians seemed to deal a near deathblow to the Left's vision of a post-capitalist world.