death warrant

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a warrant to execute the death sentence

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With the Patiala jail authorities returning the death warrant for Rajoana's hanging back to the Chandigarh court for the second time, the Court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Shalini Nagpal reserved the final orders on deciding the execution for Tuesday.
Years later, after digging through Soviet archives, investigators did just that, using the December 1941 death warrant against Gitta Kaplan and her 6-year-old daughter Frumaas as proof that Lileikis should be deported.
In writing a sentence like that, a man signs his own death warrant, for in effect he says that anyone who would consciously, in cold blood, kill a baby should himself be killed.
A Bavarian bear with a death warrant hanging over it has been thrown a pounds 1 million insurance lifeline by a British man.
Mind you, I thought he had signed his own death warrant the day he recruited Laurent Robert.
All electronic submissions in death warrant cases shall be sent to a separate e-mail address which will be provided to counsel by the Clerks office when a death warrant is signed.
The death warrant lasted until midnight today; the process will begin again since the nation's highest court did not act.
Instead, they are now signing the death warrant of yet another Scottish heavy industry and exploiting cheap Chinese labour in the process.
His name had become synonymous with the word fear, and when an unknown regular Joe by the name of Buster Douglass got the call for the title fight (he was at 42-to-1 odds in Vegas) it looked as if he had signed his own death warrant.
Bill Clinton took time off from the presidential campaign to fly back to his home state and sign the death warrant, but also because Rector was severely braindamaged following a suicide attempt.
Pending the outcome of the habeas corpus brief filed for the defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the third, and irrevocable, death warrant will be forthcoming or a new trial granted.
On June 2, 1995, a month after Abu-Jamal's book was published, Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge, a prodeath-penalty Republican, signed a death warrant ordering Jamal's execution at eight p.
All during this time," said Don Howarth, "San Onofre's management maintained that the environment was safe while nuclear fuel fleas ran rampant and undetected throughout the plant, acting as a silent death warrant over Jimmy.
YAKUB Memon on Wednesday stoically resigned to fate soon after learning that the Supreme Court bench had upheld his death warrant.