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(psychoanalysis) an unconscious urge to die

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"Civilization is thus threatened by an instinctual de-fusion, in which the death instinct strives to gain ascendancy over the life instincts," Marcuse sums up Freud.
He subsequently alters his view considering repetition compulsion of the ego instincts, which he later calls death instincts, and adds, one "can predicate a conservative, or rather retrograde, character responding to a compulsion to repeat" (44).
The research attempts an interdisciplinary integrative approach of employing Freudianism, particularly the life and death instincts to interpret psychological facets of selected stories, and hermeneutic interpretation.
Because the death instinct is predicated on an erotic impulse to create matrixes through which one might modify--or sublimate--the instinctual threat perceived, where one can, while excluding the physical consequences, transform into pleasure the stimulation afforded from the danger associated with death, it seems all too easy to argue that representation is equal to impulse and that there is always something libidinal buried beneath the portrayal of invasion or subjugation.
Similarly, the innate destructiveness of the death instinct, whether appearing as sadism or masochism, can be said to assist life in the long run for it ultimately returns all matter to an inorganic state, allowing for the process of growth to recommence.
Therefore, he concludes, echoing Schopenhauer, that "the aim of all life is death" and also that "The pleasure principle seems actually to serve the death instincts" (pp.
It is therefore not unreasonable to suggest that the characterization of the two rival Queens in Le Roi se meurt, though it is not confined to this, almost certainly owes much to Freud's controversial theory of the life and death instincts, or Eros and Thanatos.
There on the tube was the universe from which he'd been banished: nubile chainsaw massacres and nightmares on Elm Street, tabloid news shows serving up slo-mo reenactments of the sex crimes of the day, misogynist rappers and hate comics reciting brutal nursery rhymes, the basic death instincts on parade like so many Robocops of the id.
Such empirical observations led Freud to formulate the theory of the self-destructive impulse which he called "death instinct," implying that from the beginning there has been, in all of us, self-destructive impulses which materialize in suicide only in exceptional cases, when many circumstances and factors combine to make it possible.
Considerable research attention has focused on Freud's notion of the death instinct, the destructive function of the death drive, the death drive as the basic constituent of the psyche, and the silent existence of the death drive.