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extremely poisonous usually white fungus with a prominent cup-shaped base

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The Death Cap is native to Europe, where it is widespread, and it can also be found as an introduced species across North and South America, in Australia and in parts of Africa.
(Beware: mushrooms growing under oak trees are more likely to be death caps.)
An Italian couple who mistakenly ate lethal Death Cap mushrooms received emergency liver transplants in a desperate effort to save their lives.
On the other hand, mycologists generally agree that the most poisonous mushrooms are a few species of Amanita, called Angels of Death or Death Cap. Because of the slow action of the toxins, most victims do not get proper medical treatment.
In California, there have been several poisonings and some deaths from eating Amanita phalloides, or the death cap mushroom.
Death cap mushrooms (Amanita phalloides) contain one of nature's most potent poisons.
From December 28, 1996, through January 6, 1997, nine persons in northern California required hospitalization after eating Amanita phalloides (i.e., "death cap") mushrooms; two of these persons died.
The well-known, deadly Amanita phalloides - the "death cap" or "destroying angel" mushroom - is but one of a number of poisonous species of Agaricales mushrooms.
Mistake a death cap for Caesar's amanita and in hours a hepatic hole opens into the sky.
The mushroom shown above left is called the death cap - for good reason!
It aims with perfect accuracy at the center of a death cap mushroom.
Later she went on the laptop, and after careful research she was certain that what she'd collected in the Tesco bag were death cap mushrooms.
A MUM of four died after accidentally using toxic death cap mushrooms to add flavour to her soup, an inquest heard yesterday.