death bell

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Synonyms for death bell

a bell rung to announce a death


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The cheap products helped the impoverished Indonesian consumers but rang a death bell for local industries, observers said.
Robbie announced he was leaving Take That, causing devastation among teenage girls and tolling the death bell for the first wave of boy bands.
As it chimes, figures of the Apostles emerge, while a skeleton rings the death bell. It's not possible to see everything Prague has to offer on a short trip, which means that you have to prioritise.
Is the death bell tolling for frequent flier programs?
Watkins' work includes Ballad of Mari Lwyd (1941), The Lamp and the Veil (1945), The Lady with the Unicorn (1948), The Death Bell (1954), Cypress and Acacia (1959), and Affinities (1962).
At the time of his death Bell had been married for 36 days and it was his widow who received his VC.
If the foreign retail companies also take control of the distribution system it could a death bell for local retailers.
Its popular names are totally misleading - Drooping Tulip, Death Bell, Leper's Bell.