death adder

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venomous Australian snake resembling an adder

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Lee Thompson, 26, was told his kidneys were collapsing after the Australian Common Death Adder bit his thumb as he returned it to its box at the reptile shop where he works.
The snake, called a floodplain death adder, eats two types of frogs that are hard to stomach.
The floodplain death adder (Acanthophis praelongus) even has different waiting times for each of two frog species, report Ben Phillips and Richard Shine of the University of Sydney.
In particular, there is a positive correlation between practitioners who would consider treating funnel web spider bites and practitioners who would consider treating tiger snake bites (p<0.01), brown snake bites (p<0.01), taipan bites (p<0.01), black snake bites (p<0.01), death adder bites (p<0.01) and sea snake bites (p<0.01).
They may be de-energized and have tape over the business end or they may still have power applied and are awaiting that unsuspecting Culinary Specialist to strike down like a death adder (see photo).
I had just transitioned from my beloved Habu recurve to one of Habu owner Chris Cox's latest creations, the Death Adder, a hybrid longbow.
Dungay is prone to leeches, lethal funnel web spiders, deadly brown snakes, black snakes, death adder snakes, stinging bull ants and jumping ants, as long as a matchstick and able to leap a metre high.
Irwin is well-known as the star and intrepid hero of the kind of television wildlife programme that involves wrestling crocodiles or dodging just out of range of a striking death adder.