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The dearest room in this house costs, with board, thirty-five roubles--more than my purse could well afford; whereas MY room costs only twenty-four, though formerly I used to pay thirty, and so had to deny myself many things (I could drink tea but seldom, and never could indulge in tea and sugar as I do now).
Also, do not misunderstand the fact that I have taken this room, my dearest.
Yea, at you, ye dearest ones, did malice ever shoot its arrows--to hit my heart!
Because ye were always my dearest, my possession and my possessedness: ON THAT ACCOUNT had ye to die young, and far too early!
Behold Bella tripping along the streets, the dearest girl afoot under the summer sun
and then Bella popped it into the post-office, and said merrily, 'Now, dearest Pa, you are safe, and will never be taken alive
Do you mind if I tell you the dearest wish of my heart?
It is subordinate to the dearest wish, which is that some day you will share Berande with me in a completer way than that of mere business partnership.
My dearest girl, dearer to me than anything in life, if you are unhappy, let me share your unhappiness.
Noblest, dearest, tenderest wife," cried Aylmer, rapturously, "doubt not my power.
Do not mistrust me, dearest," said her husband, smiling; "its virtuous potency is yet greater than its harmful one.
Many of my acquaintances are already there for the winter; I wish that I could hear that you, my dearest friend, had any intention of making one of the crowd-- but of that I despair.
With all these circumstances to favour an attachment, and nothing to prevent it, am I wrong, my dearest Jane, in indulging the hope of an event which will secure the happiness of so many?
But, my dearest Catherine, what have you been doing with yourself all this morning?
But, my dearest Catherine, have you settled what to wear on your head tonight?