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Synonyms for deanery

the official residence of a dean

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the position or office of a dean

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Bennett takes the rural deaneries of the county in alphabetical order, lists the succession of incumbents parish by parish, with dates of institution and names of patrons.
"As part of this, the Wales Deanery, along with a number of deaneries in the UK, has been to India recently to recruit middle-grade doctors.
It is also understood that as many as 10% of applications have gone missing in cyberspace, and last night Professor David Graham, head of the Mersey Deanery, confirmed that Deaneries across the region were working hard to rectify this problem.
But he praised the congregations and deaneries who had worked hard over the past couple of years to turn the finances around.
Defines the roles of the deaneries more clearly and develops protocols between the key players of how decisions are made.
Outreach plays an important part of the ministry in the Arctic, which is divided into seven deaneries (Mackenzie Delta, Upper Mackenzie, Kitikmeot, Kivalliq, North Baffin, South Baffin and Nunavik).
Dr John Sentamu will lead the day with a Eucharist service at 10am on January 25, and prayers will continue until 5pm, with reflections on the work of the 13 deaneries in the diocese.