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Synonyms for dealing

method or manner of conduct in relation to others

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Julia could hardly keep her countenance, but she was resolved to go to the bottom of all this plain- dealing.
The news of the dealing, however, had got about, and although derision was the chief sentiment amongst the brokers, the price steadily mounted.
On the third afternoon, Aynesworth met on the stairs a young broker, whom he had come across once or twice during his earlier dealings in the shares.
The provider is also responsible for arranging for the installation of energy-efficiency works, carried out by an authorised installer and ongoing obligations in relation to Green Deal plans, including dealing with customer complaints.
But when doing the deal becomes the strategy, then dealing with problems may be the next thing.
ICAO Council in a special meeting Friday called on the organization's Aviation Security Panel to give "highest priority" to dealing with the threat raised by the recently thwarted terrorist plot in the UK when it meets next month.
"But the projects worked, and they taught me a valuable lesson: if you're dealing with good people who have good ideas, it might not matter that they're undercapitalized or a little aggressive in taking a risk.
The Civil Rights Section of the Roosevelt Justice Department worked closely with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and other civil rights groups on cases dealing with police brutality, lynching, and voting rights abuses.
The section dealing with the environment dealt with the main characteristics and issues of the environment, and the main strategies pursued and recommended to deal with this it.
But, fundamentally, that does not preclude buyers from exercising consumer rights litigation that calls for disclosure warnings and fair dealing by the issuer.
(6) Underwriting and dealing in government obligations and money market instruments that state member banks may underwrite or deal in under 12 U.S.C.
With a competitor, it's important to establish extra ground rules for dealing with confidentiality.