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a process whereby voters are moved toward nonpartisanship thus weakening the structure of political parties

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The eighties' modernization also confused and dealigned the old cleavages by loosening the traditional party ties and encouraging protest and issue voting.
Although a decision not to cooperate will undermine the stability of the alliance, it remains an option because of two potential dangers in an alliance: entrapment, in which a partner is pulled into an undesirable situation (i.e., conflict), and abandonment, in which an ally "dealigns." Abandonment can be addressed by increasing the level of commitment to the alliance, thus decreasing the option of a realignment of members.
By transforming the region's white electorate, Ronald Reagan's presidency made possible the Republicans' congressional breakthrough in the 1990s." Reagan both realigned the conservative voters, moving them from Democrats to Republicans, and dealigned the moderate voters, moving them from Democrats to independents, thus at least putting them in play for his party's candidates.
Similarly, Skowronek points to 1980 and the Reagan revolution as a major change in political eras, not 1968 and the dawn of a postpartisan, candidate-centered, dealigned political world.